"Hang'n out and being cool," a phrase I often use, describes my personality best. Here's a photo shopped pic of me sippin' a cup of morning joe on the deck last summer. Ahhh, good times.

For those of you who don't know me...I have a wife, named Reva who won my heart with her incredible smile, and a daughter named Acadia, who is an awesome kiddo. She graduated high school here in Eureka in 2010, and then went Ghana Africa for a years as an AFS exchange student. She is now studying to be a teacher (like her papa :) at McKendree University. One of my many hobbies is making soda pop bottle rockets with kids, and have been doing so for over ten years (read below), hence the nickname.

We all live in a house made of straw and mud that we built ourselves. It's super warm in winter, and cool in summer. My wife and I love to grow things in the garden, and play in the river.

I've been an elementary teacher since 2000, and have taught at just about every grade. I earned my Master in Educational Technology in 2010, and have since been I working at Eureka Public School as the Technology and Learning Coach for teachers and student across the k-12 district. In addition, I have been assisting schools across Montana with their technology integration goals.

This site is meant to be a resource a giant bookmark for myself.